Roadart Driving Lessons Morden,Testimonials.


Congratulations to all our clients on passing the test.




driving lessons mordenThank you so much to Lance for helping me to pass my driving test. I failed twice and didn't really want to go for a third time but Lance talked me round reminding me how much I wanted to drive. I did do it again and passed this time. Thank you for putting up with me Lance and pushing me knowing I could pass. Thank you.

Jodie K,           Hackbridge


driving lessons mordenAs my 17th birthday was getting closer I just dying to begin driving and so I booked a lesson on the first weekend after I turned 17. I was fortunate enough to have Lance as my instructor and he really allowed me to get to grips with driving. Everything was going fine up until I went on holiday during the summer holidays. I missed out on 4 weeks of lessons and this set me back a bit after I returned. However, Lance was very understanding and I was given the opportunity to slowly regain my confidence. When Lance told that I was ready to go for the test I was unsure as to whether I would actually be ready for it but he believed in me and in the end it all went amazingly! During the last few lessons in the build-up to my test I was making silly mistakes due to nerves but he kept telling me that none of it mattered as long as I focused on the day. Come the day of the test (Christmas Eve), I was so nervous but I felt I could actually do it and thanks to Lance's support I was able to pass with just four minors.Thanks.

Baveen.          New Malden.


driving lessons mordenMy name is Marti and i would like to say a big thank you to Lance and roadart Driving School for giving me the confidence to pass my driving test. Lance is anextremely professional, patient and encouraging Driving Instructor,there were many times when I thought I was not a good enough driver to pass my test and Lance always made me believe I could do it. He is also very quick at understanding your individual needs as a learner driver and gives clear and understanding instructions and advice. He also get's to no you as a person and understands when your having a bad day and will adapted the lesson if need be,and equally when things are going well he will push you to achieve your best ability always making sure you are happy with his instructions. I highly recommend Roadart Driving School, Thank you again Lance I really could not have done without you.

Marti W. Sutton


driving lessons morden

 Lance was a very good Driving instructor to me. he believed i could pass and i did                                  He picked up on my faults so when it came to my test I was fully prepared.                                        

 Thanks a lot,Dom W.    Colliers Wood.




My original instructor, for personal reasons, could not take me to my test and so Idriving lessons morden was left to find another instructor 3 days before my test date. As you can imagine I was stressed and growing very doubtful about passing. Then I met Lance. Lance  made out time for me last minute and he watched me drive. Very simply he was able to diagnose my driving in a way I actually understood. Lance is patient, clear and I will definitely will do my pass plus with him. Driving lessons are expensive but he made it value for money. In addition he saw how bad my situation was and gave me some extra time, this I believe helped me pass my test. Thank you Lance.

Elizabeth. E.


I have been trying to pass my test on and off for the last four years, with a variety ofdriving lessons morden instructors from various well known schools. I am 34 yrs old and was becoming more and more anxious, as this was the one test I could never quite get through - I had failed twice. After my first lesson with Lance (6 weeks before the test) I immediately felt that things were going to be different this time. Lance is calm and relaxed, but superb at focusing on weakness and areas for improvement. His tips and advice for test day were absolutely invaluable. I passed the test today with only 3 minor faults, and have recommended Lance to my friends who are also on the journey to a test "Pass". I am so appreciative, Thank You.

Frank Deasy.    Brixton SW9.


Hi Lance
Four years ago I failed my first driving test having learned with a different driving lessons mordendriving school. After 4 months of lessons with Lance, a couple a week, for the first two months, I was able to get the confidence I needed to get back in the driving seat and pass my test with only 3 minors. Lance's straight-forward and calm approach were key to making this happen and I couldn't be more grateful. I've already recommended him to my brother!

Bea P.     Sutton.


When I was looking for a driving school I decided to try out a few trial lessons withdriving lessons morden different instructors. I decided to go with Lance because he was very calm and professional, included a de-brief with progress chart at the end of every lesson, had the ability to offer mock tests with a different instructor (to simulate the test environment) and was prepared to fit in with my work schedule and pick up point. I was very very nervous about my test, but the reason I think I passed was that Lance got me to an ability well above that required to pass. So even with my nervousness on the day, I only got three minors. I would recommend RoadArt.
Thanks again Lance.

Bart.  Dulwich.


Lance has a sharp eye in detail and can get straight to the point. During mydriving lessons morden driving experience he gave me good suggestion that not only helped me to pass my test but also to better myself to be a safer driver on the road. I'd thank him again and again for his professionalism as well as high standard in teaching. It has been a great pleasure to be his pupil.

 Surrey Quays.
Thank you very much for helping Viv pass her test. I really did notice an immediate improvement in her driving confidence after having lessons with you.
Its amazing seeing her glow after passing, its such a confidence boost for her.
Bruce Klam.


I did it! I want to say thank you to Lance and Roadart for helping me to passdriving lessons morden my driving test first time. Lance is a great instructor. I would recommend Lance and Roadart to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Joanna B.     Lower Morden.


Thank you for a very enjoyable l earning experience with roadart. I am happy to recommend Lance. He has a verydriving lessons morden clear way of teaching that provides confidence and helps you get the skills very quickly, very patient and calm which made me feel able to deal with the learning process. The test was no problem and I did it! Many thanks

Anthony M. Sutton.



I found Lance to be an excellent driving instructor as he tailored lessons to meet my individual needsdriving lessons morden and really focused on developing my weaknesses to increase my confidence and ability. Thanks again.

Jamie C.    London.



I had my first driving lesson on my 17th birthday and within six months of weekly lessons withdriving lessons morden Lance had passed both my theory and practical tests. There was no nonsense-
I gained the confidence to drive independently and had quite a few jokes along the way- I wouldn't recommend anyone else :

Philippa H.   Sutton.


Just a quick note to say thanks very much for getting me through my driving test first time! I'm welldriving lessons morden pleased and more than happy with the instructor that Roadart gave me and the level of teaching and support I received from him. Thanks again!"
Ex.   Wandsworth.


After having had bad experiences with other driving schools my confidence had beendriving lessons morden seriously dented. I decided to give Roadart driving school a call (expecting the usual sales pitch you need this amount of lessons at this cost etc) But to my surprise no, they were very polite and helpful and arranged a suitable time so we could do an assessment drive. Having had the first two hours, I realised that Lance had bought all my confidence back and truly believed in me. By now I was determined and could see hope at the end of the dark tunnel. So I booked another two hours just to touch up. Lance is a very Professional instructor, up to date with the test requirements, has a very positive approach, is enthusiastic to help and had a very clear understanding of my individual needs, which was extremely important. Lance will give you all the knowledge you will need and has made it possible for me to pass my practical test first time. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons, and felt extremely comfortable, Thanx Lance! I highly recommend Roadart driving school for those of you who want to pass with a good resultRegards
Faria A.    Sutton.


Before I had lessons with lance, I had failed my test twice and my confidencedriving lessons morden was at rock-bottom. A friend recommended Road Art to me and after 1 lesson with Lance my confidence had already improved and I realised that I could actually drive. With regular lessons with Lance, my driving rapidly improved along with my confidence. Lance's teaching style was great because he always pointed out my mistakes in a constructive way, and noticed and remarked on good decisions I made. He also encouraged my independence and pushed me to take initiative, which, now I have passed will be incredibly helpful! I would recommend Road Art to anyone!
Jenny K.  Ewell.


I enjoyed learning with Lance. He is quick to assess where you are at withdriving lessons morden your driving and teach accordingly. He explains things clearly and is very engouraging. He always praises things you do well and helps you with areas that need improving. I passed my test first time with him with two minors and have already booked my pass plus lessons.

Ruth C.     Epsom.

Just wanted to say how lucky I was when I came across a website called Roadart and got Lance as my instructor. I had my test booked so only had limited time to sort my driving out. I'll be honest I was very doubtful I would pass but Lance's calm and clear instruction made all the difference. He identified my weak areas straight away and focused on those. I'm happy to say I passed my test 1st attempt with 1 minor. Great personality together with great professionalism I would recommend Lance and Roadart to anyone wishing to learn to drive.

Denys,         Sutton

I'd like to thank Lance for helping me pass my practical test. He provided me with more technical aspects that I previously did not know. Futhermore I had developed some bad habits early on with another school that he quickly helped me get rid of. Another part of my training which I found extremely helpful was receiving instant praise when I had done well and if I made a mistake we would sometimes pull over and discuss the issue to make sure I understood where I had gone wrong. Lastly Lance is very clear in his instruction, honest and most importantly to me patient. Thank you.

Stefan,           Sutton


Hi Lance, just wanted to say thank you for everything you taught me. I found all of your instruction easy to follow and you gave me the confidence to pass my test first time and with zero faults on my sheet. I would highly recommend you in the future.         Kind regards                                                                                                                                                                                      Nick & Soraya           Lower Morden.



I recommend Roadart Driving School to anyone thinking about starting to drive. The instructor i was given ( lance ) is an excellent driving instructor, professional, friendly, and the prices were very fair. He helped to build my confidence, skills, and knowledge of driving which enabled me to pass the test on my first attempt.

James G        Sutton.


Lance was recommended to me by my sister after she passed with flying colours after his instruction. I had never been in a car before starting my lessons with Lance and he was quickly able to assess the type of instruction I needed to get me to a point where I was comfortable not only taking my driving test, but would also be a safe driver on the road. He was always willing to take the time out to explain things to me and genuinely cares about his clients getting through the process. With Lance I was able to pass my test first time! Thanks Lance! 

Nana P    Sutton.


As someone who was a bit ‘older’ when learning to drive, I naturally approached the challenge with some trepidation. Thankfully Lance guided me through the challenge, he gave me great confidence but just as importantly was able to identify any weaknesses that needed attention and these were improved. In addition Lance has a great knowledge of the test centre areas and what is required to pass, there were some tips that Lance gave me on the morning of the test that came up in my test a few minutes later. Overall, however, in my opinion what separates Lance from the rest when it comes teaching someone to drive is his 100% commitment to helping you pass, he was always extremely flexible around meeting times and meeting points and always available to answer any questions.

Thanks for all your help.
Eoin       Southfields


 "Lance is the real deal, a rarity in his field worth travelling down to Morden for. He brings just the right level of listening, keen  observation and encouragement to lessons, bringing out the best in you as a new driver. I highly recommend him."            Richard S       Clapham 


Amazing driving instructor, sorted me out from having no confidence to having lots of confidence in my ability to drive a car in just three weeks. He gave me all the knowledge i needed that i had not had from previous instructors, and i was finally able to pass my driving test. Highly recommended.

Priya           Carshalton

Thank you Lance.  I couldn't have done it without you. I started my lessons on 18th July and had a lesson a week and passed with only 2 minors on 19th December. I couldn’t have done it without Lance's professional attitude and passion to teach. He explains when you've made a mistake and praises you when you've done well. He gives you the confidence to believe you can do it. He helps so much, he even helped me with my 'show me tell me' questions. I was so thrilled to pass both my theory and practical first time and I have Lance to thank for that for all the effort he puts in to make sure you’re ready to take the test.

Terrie Hall.     Carshalton.

Passing my driving test with only 1 minor was the best feeling and I strongly believe that it was only achievable with the help of Lance at Roadart. Lance’s professional style of teaching enabled me to comfortably drive myself to success. My needs were catered for and when my test was close, I was always given priority. Most importantly, Lance taught me the values of being a safe driver and for that I am extremely grateful! Thanks Lance!
Nathan.   Carshalton.

Im very lucky to have had Lance as my very first driving instructor in the UK. He is very kind and very patient. Before taking lessons with him I was very afraid and not confident at all to drive in a car in a foreign country. Lance helped me build up my confidence and enhance my driving skills. I was very pleased that I passed my driving test with Lance’s help. I will definitely introduce him to my other friends. Again, thank you very much for all your help. Wish you all the best..
Xin.    Morden.

I hadn’t driven in over 4 years since I had passed my test and on recommendation from a colleague, Lance eased me back into driving with his calm, relaxed and reassuring way of instructing, providing good constructive criticism. After carrying out six hours refreshing my driving Lance gave me all the confidence I needed to get back on the road and I truly felt as though I could ask anything and It wouldn’t be a stupid question. Great quality instruction and a great quality person, you wouldn’t ask for anymore. Thanks again.

Jonathan Nicholas.     Raynes Park.

lance is very understanding and very able to teach..As an international licence holder we all knew it was going be really hard for me to pass in such a short period of time and understanding the driving rules. but after taking lessons from lance and doing only limited hours with him he has helped a lot and I passed first time
i would recommend roadart to everyone.
Aldi.     Carshalton.

My name is Shazia, and I took lessons from lance he is a wonderful and fantastic instructor, he believed in me and helped me so much that I passed on my second time taking the test. I would recommend him to everyone I know that needs an instructor. He understands and knows what he is talking about, he likes to help and wants to help people pass. The advice I would give everyone is to believe in yourself and listen to what he is saying he knows what he is talking about, trust him.

 Shazia M.     Surrey.

Lance is a great driving instructor as he tailored each driving lesson to meet my individual requirements. His calm but firm approach ensured i built up my driving techniques quickly and confidently. Thanks to Roadart I passed my test first time!!!'

Brendan R.     Wimbledon.

Did it, Passed first time with only 5 minors, I just want to say thank you to Lance for everything. He made me feel very relaxed in the car and we always had a good chat. His teaching techniques are great and I always understood what I needed to do. If I ever did something wrong, he would calmly talk me through my errors and help me correct them. He increased my confidence in the car and helped me improve my driving skills.I would just like to say once again, thank you to Lance and Roadart. I would strongly recommend Roadart to everyone, it is a great driving school.

 Jade B,  Wallington.

Lance is a brilliant instructor, he has taught me how to drive safely and is someone you can put 100% trust in which is an important factor to take into account when choosing a driving school. When choosing Roadart, I had a lot of friends who had been messed around by other driving schools which they could not rely on, could not trust and were not given enough support through their driving tests. I put all my faith into Lance and Roadart as he did all he could to make sure I was happy and on the right track to pass my test first time, which I’m pleased to say I did. I would definitely recommend Roadart to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Lois M.    Epsom.

In my opinion it is always difficult for any learner driver to find a suitable honest driving instructor. In my case after having lessons and driving tests with previous schools, I never thought I would be able to pass my driving test until I started with Roadart. With your calm approach, the technique of your teaching and the way you prepared me for my test, I can’t recommend you highly enough. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team and wish you all the success you deserve. YOU THE MAN. Kind regards.

Sal.    London.

If anyone is thinking of starting driving lessons Roadart is the school to go to. Having spent a lot of time and not to mention money literally down the drain with various driving schools I came across Roadart. I would highly recommend Roadart to anyone wanting to pass their driving test knowing they will be a fully competent driver.

Donna G.    Sutton.

Roadart were really helpful and easy to understand in all areas of my training, I also found the progress chart to be a great aid as I knew how my progress was going from lesson to lesson. Overall I found Roadart to be great and they guided me in the right direction to pass my test at the first attempt which was a great experience. Thanks Lance.

Matt W.    Carshalton.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Lance and Roadart for helping me to pass my driving test first time. Lance is very professional and an excellent instructor. His calm and understanding approach helped me to overcome my initial anxiety about driving. I would recommend Lance and Roadart to anyone who wants to learn to drive…… Best Wishes,

Nalini.    Sutton.

After deciding to become a driving instructor i phoned quite a few driving schools who advertise instructor training, to enquire about the training and cost involved. I decided to go with Roadart because of their professional attitude, knowledge and fair prices.

The training I received was second to none and the instructor training was of the highest standard and at a pace that suited me. Roadart were also flexible with times which enabled me to fit my training around my current job. I am pleased to say i am now a fully qualified instructor.

Thank you for all your help.

Stuart M.     Sutton.